Cultural Regions

By: Lina Pyon and Alyssa Hoppie


Although North America has a wide verity of languages, the major languages spoken are, English, French, and Spanish.

The North American languages reflect on European colonization.


North America has a dramatically elected government. The rights given, are to protect the people. Both the United States and Mexico have a President and Canada has a prime minister.


Christianity is one of the major religions practices in both the United States and Canada due to European colonization. Some other religions in North America include Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Himduism.

Urban/ Rural

Most people in North America live in cities. Peoples homes in North America are typically built with a wood frame structure and are fairly sturdy. Although a lot of the land of North America is urban, there is quite a few rural places as well.

Family Relationships

People in North America tend to have large families. Immediate families ranging from about 2 to 7 people. The divorce rate in North America is fairly heigh. Families in North America usually consist of a mother, father, and children.

Social structure

The classes are the lower class, working class, middle class, and upper class. The wealth is mostly evenly spread out, but there are lots of non wealthy areas aswell.

Fashion, Literature, Art, and Music

The fashion in North America is changing constantly due to weather change and trending. A lot of people like to wear modern cloths.

Lots of North American literature is shaped by its history. The literature including many different types of writing.

There is many different types if art in North America. Some include paintings, sculptures, gratify, Native American art, and architecture.

Music includes pop, rap,contemporary, and classical.


North America has a fairly heigh education rate. There are many schools in North America available for people around the country. Both Canada and the United States have a literacy rated above 90 percent.

Land Use

Land is used in all sorts of ways in North America. Form farming in the Midwest, residential properties in the suburbs, and industrial lands.

Trading Networks

The trade network first started with water ways. Then moving to roads and railroads. To highways and airplanes. All in which are still used today.


North America is different then many continent in the way that immigrates have come from all over the world making it diverse. There weren't a lot of people living in North America originally. North America started from a small amount of people a grew as immigrants came from many different places in the world.