My j's

By: Corey seay

My J's

Swish, another three to tie up the game by Micheal Jordan. Ever since he's made his own shoes he has played much better, not that he has been playing bad. He has even named his shoes, "Natorious". He named them because of his famous shot. Jordan's coming up on his man, a couple of moves with his feet and he already has the guy on his back. He shoots, and the Bulls are up by five. Ten more seconds in the game and the pacers just can't get a shot so the Bulls win. After the game of course the questions and the paparazzi swarms in when you are this famous. Then after all that Jordan would be exhausted so he would go to his home or if it it an away game wherever he is staying. Then Jordan would go to practice and work and do drills to make himself better, and always after practice he would always push himself to make 300 more shots before he left. That would take up half the day, but he gets the other half to get ideas to make another design for his shoe company. He was working with Nike for a while, then he branched out and became his own company. The next shoe he designs after the Natorious is the Italian Stalion. These were still Nike because he wasn't his own company yet. But was a really good idea going with Nike because Nike is very popular now. And it made him enough money to buy the Charlotte Hornets.

History of the Jordan's

1. The first person the wear them was Michael Jordan

2. The year they were first made was 1984

3. The name of the first shoe was Natorious

4. He worked with Nike

5. The last shoes he came out with was the xx9's

6. He owns the Charlotte Hornets and they wear costs mixed Jordan's

Why I picked this shoe

I picked this shoe because I like playing basketball, and these are my favorite type of shoes and Jordan is also one of my sport idols