NEWS FROM YOUR TDS for the week of May 27th

Marci's Top Ten (Kind of like David Letterman) Things I've Learned This school Year

10. The Evaluation gave me the chance to see great teaching in action!

9. Technology is not a four letter word even though it may seem like it sometimes...ISTEP+, no internet, no Email. What did we do in the past???

8. PARCC and SmarterBalanced will require our students to think differently...What? There's more than one right answer???

7. Mathematical Practices are not really new. We've done them in some form for a long time, but they will help us focus our instruction to make it more meaningful to students.

6. Previously, I read books about Guided Math, but this year, I've learned what it looks like in action...WOW!

5. Units of Study for Reading and Writing can be powerful when used for instruction.

4. Making Books really does help our young students be better writers.

3. It's okay for me not to know the answer. We're all learning together!

2. Brooks School, Durbin, and Sand Creek have compassionate, caring, understanding teachers.

And the NUMBER ONE THING I've learned this year...

1. I'm lucky to have been chosen to work with all of you! Thanks for being welcoming and supportive of me in this position!

"The purpose of life is not to be happy – but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all." - Leo Rosten

Think of the difference you've made in your students this year...Happy Summer!

My Schedule for the Week of May 27th

Where will I be this week?

Monday-Memorial Day, no school

Tuesday-CRE-paperwork, C/O 11:00-3:30 for TDS mtg, SCE-3:45-4:30 for Units of Study

Wednesday-BSE, SCE, Durbin...hoping to walkthrough all rooms today!

Thursday-TDS mtg at C/O all day

Friday-TDS mtg at C/O all day

Monday 6/3-HSE for EOY celebration then helping in buildings, 1:00 till 3:00-HSE 21 iPad Training at FHS

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Please feel free to contact me.

Cell # 407-8182