All about Me!!!

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Who Am I?

My name is Fredrika Stark, and I am a 33 year old, vibrant, and full of life single mother of one. He began his transition today into high school. I have been teaching for the past eight years, and will begin a new job this month teacher Head Start, 3-5- year olds. Wish me luck!! I love to children but also have a passion for cooking and entertaining friends and family. I would have gone to culinary school if I did not take the path to education. It's not too late though right?

I reside in the windy city of Chicago, where I received my B.A. from Chicago State University. When I began missing school, I began my journey to Ashford University for my first M.A. in early childhood education. This degree program is my second M.A. here at Ashford, and I really have enjoyed all the new tools and online programs that I have learned thus far.

Biggest challenge

My biggest challenge with this program is getting the posting of discussions from fellow peers on time. By this I mean, that posts are due by Thursday, and responses due by Monday. Many times I read a post by someone that just posted on Sunday or Monday by the deadline. This doesn't give me enough time to read and respond appropriately. For the students that do respond, I appreciate it, but I hope to be able to respond to everyone and not just the same people. I know that we all have things going on in our lives, but the deadlines haven't changed, so I just hope that my peers respond at an appropriate time, in order to ellicit a response and receive feedback.
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As a teacher, I of course know that not all children learn the same. Some are kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. We have to be able to teach all these types, and adapt our lessons and activities according to their learning approach. Many times when I plan a lesson, I get the opinion of my children and what interests they have in learning. I have heard everything from dinosaurs, monkeys, babies, all the way to airplanes. I take what their interests are, incorporate that into what they need to learn, and make learning fun for both them and myself. I also recycle old lessons, and just adapt them to what age group I am working with. If something I know works, and children love it, then why fix it?