Investment Banker

D job

What is it?

An Investment Banker is someone who generates founds for a bank. Founds can be generated in two different ways. One way is the bank will give you money to invest in a range of stocks. The other way is by giving a growing business money and in return the company gives back a percentage of their business.


When you first start working with no experience, the pay is $60,200per year.

Working for more than as a junior you will earn $90,000per year.

The median pay in the U,S is $162,000per year.

The top 5 get paid $200,000per year

What majors are needed?

The most important major to become an Investment Banker is that you need a Master on Business Administration (MBA).


Two colleges that interest me that are not in Texas are California State University and University of San Diego. One college that interest me that is in Texas is University of Texas Arlington (UTA).

2020 Outlook?

Employment for Investment Banker is supposed to go up by 15% between the years of 2010 and 2020.