Preston Tate

Settlement Award

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Corcoran State Prison

The facility opened 1988 and was dedicated in 1993. COR had a total of 1,703 staff and the budget of the facility was about 115 million dollars. the design capacity was 3,116 but around 4,500 prisoners in their. In the prison it was over 50 incidents that took place involving and other harmful threating issues. Also Corcoran is only a man prison. Corcoran's vistiting limitations are from Saturday and sunday and also designated holidays as in, Christmas, New years, and Thanksgiving.

On an informational website about Corcoran State Prison it says "Corcoran insures inmates safety and is committed to providing the best medical, mental health, education for all inmates in need. since 1988 corcoranPrison's guards have killed eight inmates and wounded scores of others, more than any other prison in the country. Lieutenant Steve Riggs a supervisor at Corcoran, says " if you put inmates in the yard they would fight. either peer pressure or hatred.

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About Preston

Preston was only 25, when he was shot at Corcoran state prison. in an article about Preston his parents said "Preston was never a bad child growing up, he made minor mistakes like a normal person but other than that he wasn't bad at all and didn't deserve this. Preston went to jail for convicted man slaughter and armed robbery and was spending 25 years in prison.

Inmate Case Points

State Agrees to Pay $2.2 Million to Inmate Shot at Corcoran Prison. Preston's family got 2.2 million dollars from the court and state for the death of Preston which was shot in Corcoran State prison for doing nothing wrong.

The Court's Ruling

The ruling of the court was in favor for Preston and his Family which received 2.2 million dollars for the prison shooting of Preston. Preston and his family filed and won the lawsuit. R.i.p Preston as his family lives on knowing justice has been served in his death.