TTSD Guidance

For Political and Social Expression

Mission: Educate Every Child

Vision: Every student thrives in school and graduates prepared to succeed in an ever-changing world

There are many questions from our community, our students, and staff involving the rights and protections of political and social actions and expressions within Tigard-Tualatin Schools (TTSD). This page outlines district policies, law and protections, as well as the districts’ core beliefs relating to speech and expression.

TTSD is committed

to creating a nurturing school community where every individual student feels safe, valued, and responsibly prepared for success in our rapidly changing world.

We honor the rights of our students and staff

to express their opinions in a way that inspires respect for diverse viewpoints and contributes to a positive learning environment. TTSD has created Board Policies that protect these rights while fostering a culture of safety, that is free from harassment, discrimination, hate, and racism.

Please refer to the following Board Policies:

Board Policy JBC/GBB/GBG

Board Policy IB

TTSD strives to be an anti-racist school district

In June 2020, the School Board adopted Resolution 1920-20, “A Resolution of the Tigard-Tualatin Board of Directors Condeming Racism and Committing to Being an Anti-Racist School District.” Guiding points of this resolution include:

  • Condemning racism, racial violence, white supremacy, hate speech, and bigotry in all forms inside and outside of our schools.

  • Working to be actively anti-racist and dismantle systemic racism in our schools and empower people of color.

  • Affirms the value and importance of culturally responsive instructional practices and curriculum that represents the diversity of our community, state, and country and accurately honors the contributions of historically marginalized communities;

  • Acknowledgment that our current curriculum is not culturally responsive and a commitment to using an equity lens for all future curriculum adoptions

Board Policy JBC/GBB

Bias Incidents and Hate Speech

Therefore, Black Lives Matter.

At TTSD, Black Lives Matter is a social justice statement affirming human rights. Our responsibility as educators is to educate all students, providing them with every opportunity to thrive in school and in life. Yet historic systems within our schools continue to disproportionately serve students of color, specifically our Black students. Our Black students matter. Their families matter. Black Lives Matter. TTSD is committed to working in partnership with our parents/guardians and community to create an inclusive educational environment that holds all of us accountable for the success of all students.

See Oregon Board of Education Resolution Supporting Black Lives Matter

In Oregon, All Students Belong

TTSD aligns with the Oregon Department of Education’s administrative rule, All Students Belong, that recognizes “student health and safety are the cornerstone of education and that all students are entitled to a high-quality educational experience, free from discrimination of harassment based on perceived race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin, and without fear or hatred, racism or violence.” Specifically, the rule bans symbols of hate in schools within our buildings and through virtual instruction to include:

  • The swastika

  • The noose

  • The Confederate flag

Freedom of Expression

In our buildings, schools, and classrooms, on our buses and campuses, we respect staff and students’ freedom to express their thoughts and viewpoints as long as they are responsible, fair, and do not cause disruption or harm to other individuals or the educational environment. TTSD staff will model inclusion daily, inspiring learning through creating a culture of safety that honors diverse voices and fosters a community of care. All students will feel invested in, safe to express their individuality without judgment.

Staff, students, and parents who feel these rights are not being protected, reference Board Policy KL

At TTSD, staff may express their support of civil rights as it pertains to a person’s perceived race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or national origin, as an example:

  • Black Lives Matter

  • LGBTQ+

Board Policy JBC/GBB

Board Policy IB

Guidelines for staff political and social activism can be found at: ORS 260.432 (Reference pages 7 & 8)

These types of expression are permitted in the workplace as long as they are not disruptive to the learning environment, do not promote hate, racism, and discrimination, and ensures staff respond professionally to questions or criticism. Staff must be prepared to navigate difficult conversations inclusively, respectfully, and welcoming of all perspectives.

Additional forms of personal expression may be allowed as long as all views are presented in a fair and equitable manner that enhances learning.

Board Policy GBG

Board Policy KL


Staff can share posts of social and political expression on their personal social media accounts using non-district issued devices during non-work hours. District social media, email, and other forms of written communication should not be used for personal views and should be limited to the promotion of school-related activities.

Board Policy GBG

Students may not access social media websites using district equipment, during class time, unless the access is organized or approved by a district representative.

Board Policy JFCEB