January 23, 2022

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All previous Notes From the Office are available by using this LINK.

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Dates to Remember


Monday, 24th,

  • Pool Testing

Monday, 31st

  • Elementary Report Cards (Semester 1)


February Care & Share - Macaroni & Cheese

Thursday 10th

  • Family, Friends, and Neighbor Days - No Homework
Monday, 21st
  • No School: Presidents Day
Tuesday, 22nd - Friday 25th
  • No School: February Recess
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What's New This Week:

  • Elementary Report Cards will be available in Aspen X2 on January 31st!
  • Thank You to Our AMAZING PTO!
  • Lost & Found

Old News, But Still Important:
  • In-School Test Consent
  • Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
  • Breakfast & Lunch Information
  • A Look Head: Class of 2035
  • Common Sense Media
  • Care & Share is Back
  • Kindergarten Pre-Registration is Open!
  • Dunning Spirit Wear
  • PTO News
  • Dunning Directory
  • P-EBT and SNAP (Food Support)
  • Community Resources

Important Links:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time to share any questions, concerns, thoughts, or ideas.

Michele & Kathie



What's New?

Elementary Report Cards will be available in Aspen X2 on January 31st!

Dear Families,

Elementary Report Cards will be available in Aspen X2 on January 31st!

Please log into Aspen X2 with the following:

Login Id: [LASID]

Password: Your students birthday entered as YYYYmmDD (example 20140314 for March 14, 2014)

Login to Aspen X2

See step by step instructions below. For a tutorial with images, please look at this document: Aspen X2 Portal Login Instructions for Report Cards

If you cannot log into Aspen, please call 508-782-6928 Monday through Friday (8:30am-3:00pm), email: Help@framingham.k12.ma.us, or request a password reset using this link/form: Aspen X2 Password Reset Request

Thank you!

Aspen X2 login instructions to view your student’s report card

1. Log in to Aspen X2 Portal using this link https://ma-framingham.myfollett.com or through the District Website www.framingham.k12.ma.us and click on the X2 SIS Icon.

2. The Login ID is a student’s six-digit student ID (LASID) and their preset password.

If this is the first time you are logging in, your default password is the student's birthday in the format YYYYMMDD (example 20120618). If you have logged into the Aspen X2 portal in the past, then use your existing password.

3. Once you have successfully logged in, you will see the home page. From this page you can access your report card. This is located on the right side of your screen under Published



Framingham Public Schools


Estimadas familias:

Los boletines de calificaciones para las escuelas primarias ya estará disponible a través de

Aspen X2 el 31 de enero.

Por favor, ingrese a Aspen X2 con los siguientes datos:

Identificación de inicio de sesión: [LASID]

Contraseña: El cumpleaños de su hijo. Introducido en formato de año-mes-día. (ejemplo 20140314 sería 14 de marzo 14 de 2014)

Inicio de sesión para Aspen X2

Vea a continuación las instrucciones paso a paso. Para un tutorial con imágenes, por favor, vea este documento: Instrucciones para ver el boletín de calificaciones de su estudiante en

Aspen X2

Si no puede iniciar sesión en Aspen, por favor, llame al 508-782-6928 de lunes a viernes (8:30am-3:00pm), correo electrónico: Help@framingham.k12.ma.us, o solicite el restablecimiento de la contraseña utilizando este enlace/formulario: Solicitud de restablecimiento de contraseña Aspen X2

Instrucciones para ver el boletín de calificaciones de su estudiante en Aspen X2

1. Inicie sesión en el portal de Aspen X2 utilizando este enlace https://ma-framingham.myfollett.com o n a través del sitio web del distrito www.framingham.k12.ma.us y haga clic en el ícono X2 SIS.

2. El número de identificación (ID) para iniciar la sesión es el número de identificación de 6 dígitos (LASID) del estudiante y su contraseña preestablecida. Si es la primera vez que inicia la sesión, su contraseña predeterminada es el cumpleaños del alumno en el formato AAAAMMDD (ejemplo 20120618). Si ha iniciado sesión en el portal Aspen X2 en el pasado, use su contraseña actual.

3. Una vez que haya iniciado la sesión correctamente, verá la página de inicio. Desde esta página puede acceder a su boleta de calificaciones. Este se encuentra en el lado derecho de la pantalla en informes publicados “Published Reports”


Escuelas Públicas de Framingham


Prezadas famílias,

Os boletins da escola fundamental estarão disponíveis via Aspen X2 em 31 de janeiro.

Por favor, acesse o Aspen X2 com os seguintes dados:

Nome de usuário (Login Id): [LASID]

Senha (Password): a data de nascimento do aluno nesta ordem: AAAAmmDD (por exemplo, para uma criança nascida no dia 14 de março de 20124, a senha seria 20140314 (quatro dígitos para o ano, dois para o mês e dois para o dia)

Acesse o Aspen X2

Veja abaixo as instruções de como fazer isso passo a passo. Caso queira um tutorial com imagens, veja o seguinte documento: Instruções para ver o boletim de notas de seu(a) filho(a) no Aspen X2

Caso não consiga acessar o Aspen, favor ligar para 508-782-6928, de segunda à sexta (8:30 às 15:00), e-mail Help@framingham.k12.ma.us, ou solicitar a redefinição da senha, usando o seguinte link/formulário: Aspen X2 Password Reset Request

Instruções para ver o boletim de notas de seu(a) filho(a) no Aspen X2

1. Faça o Login no Portal do Aspen X2 usando este link https://ma-framingham.myfollett.com ou por meIo do Website do Distrito www.framingham.k12.ma.us e clique no ícone do X2 SIS :
2. O nome de usuário para fazer o login é a ID de seis dígitos do aluno (LASID) e sua senha predefinida. Se isto for seu primeiro login, a sua senha inicial é a data de aniversário do(a) aluno(a) no formato Ano/Mês/Dia (exemplo 20120618). Se você já acessou o portal do Aspen anteriormente, você deve usar sua senha existente.

3. Quando você tiver feito o login com sucesso, você vai ver a página inicial. Nesta página você vai poder acessar seu boletim de notas. Isto está localizado do lado direito da sua tela sob Published Reports (Relatórios Publicados)


Escolas Públicas de Framingham

Thank You to Our AMAZING PTO!

Thank you to our AMAZING PTO for the hand sanitizer & lotion gift bags. It was much appreciated by staff!!!
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Lost & Found

While we attempt to return LABELED items to your children, we still have LOTS of items in our Lost & Found

Please check out these photos for any items that may belong to your child. If you see something, please either come to the front lobby and collect it, or let your student's teacher know.

Please label your child’s clothing, lunch boxes, water bottles, back packs, glasses, coats, boots, etc. so that they may be returned to your child.

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Old News

In-School Test Consent

Common Sense Media

SOLCIAL MEDIA MONITORING GUIDANCE - Resources on how to help children keep their online interactions safe, productive, and positive.

A Look Head: Class of 2035

Helpful info for incoming kindergarten families.

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Kindergarten Pre-Registration is Open!


Dear Framingham Families,

If you have or know a child that will be five years old by August 31, 2022, online pre-registration for incoming Kindergarteners for the 2022-2023 school year is now open at https://www.framingham.k12.ma.us/kindergarten. Please disregard if this message does not apply to you.

All new incoming Kindergarteners must be registered - even if you already have children in Framingham Public Schools.

New and Noteworthy:

  • The Parent Information Center is now called the Department of Student Registration. Located at the Farley Building in the growing Welcome Center, the department has been renamed to align with their primary function. If people refer you to the Parent Information Center, please note that this is the same as Student Registration.
  • Framingham Public Schools in collaboration with our community partners, the MetroWest YMCA and Framingham State University Centers for Early Childhood Education, are offering a brand new Preschool Expansion Program. This partnership will be enrolling 4 year-old children who’ve not yet had access to early learning opportunities and provides access to high quality pre-k education before they start Kindergarten next year. The program begins in early 2022 and offers financial assistance based on family need. For more information please contact Christina Shea, Early Education Manager at 508-782-6898. More to come on this exciting partnership and opportunity!

Thank you and have a great evening.


Department of Student Registration

Dunning Spirit Wear

The PTO is happy to announce we have a new Dunning Spirit Gear website up and running and waiting for your orders!!

Adult's and children's sizes!! Sweatshirts, t-shirts, pajama pants and more!! We even have umbrellas and winter hats for those rainy/snowy drop offs and pick ups!

Because of the amazing job our community did during the FunRun Fundraiser we are able to offer the gear this year at cost with no mark up! We may not be able to do this in future years so take advantage now and stock up on your Dunning gear. Makes great holiday gifts as well!

The site will be open all year long for ordering, no end date!!

Click HERE for online ordering

PTO News

Future PTO Meetings:


  • All meetings will be 5:30pm- 6:30pm


  • Wednesday, March 9th
  • Thursday, April 28th
  • Friday, June 10th

Dunning Directory

Click HERE to register.

P-EBT and SNAP (Food Support)

Since P-EBT was created to replace school meals, students who return to in-person learning will not get P-EBT funds for the months that they are in school in-person.


  • ALL kids can get free meals at school (P-EBT was created to replace school meals)
  • P-EBT will be available this summer - keep your cards!
  • You can still use your P-EBT money from previous months if you have it - previous funds don't go away!
  • Apply for SNAP and get the MAXIMUM dollar amount during COVID-19

Food Funds for Kids 0-5 Years Old on SNAP

Fundos para alimentação para crianças de 0-5 anos de idade no SNAP

Asistencia de alimentos para niños de 0 a 5 años con SNAP

For more information or to apply, visit: www.map-ebt.org/snap.

Community Resources

For emergency food assistance call the Framingham Emergency Food Line (508-532-5479). For food or housing referrals, please contact the Family Resource Center (508-270-4313). If you or your child is having a mental health emergency, please call Advocates Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) at 508-872-3333 or call 911 for assistance.
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Community Meeting Video Links

October Community Meeting: Staff/Respect

December Community Meeting: 1st Grade/Responsibility

February Community Meeting: 3rd Grade/Compassion

March Community Meeting: Kindergarten/Confidence

April Community Meeting: 2nd Grade/Determination

May Community Meeting: 4th Grade/Cooperation

June Community Meeting: 5th Grade/Pride