Gamma Rays

By Vince Duarte Physics Period 7

Gamma Ray Fun Facts

  • Gamma Rays are ionizing radiation. Decay of an atomic nucleus from high energy to low energy causes gamma rays.

Some well known people are very familiar with gamma rays such as: Paul Villard, Ernest Rutherford, Edward Andrade, and even Bruce Banner ( AKA the Hulk) .

  • The wavelength for a gamma ray is less than 10 Pico meters.
  • its velocity in a vacuum is 300,000,000 m/s. ( the speed of light )

Intresting Facts about Gamma Rays

  • Gamma Rays can release more energy than the sun.
  • it has no mass and no charge.
  • Gamma Rays are used to kill cancer cells.
  • They have high energy and short wavelengths.
  • Gamma Rays are produced in hot places or a supernova.

How They Are Used in Life

  • Gamma Rays are commonly used in the medical field in a miniscule amount.
  • They are in X-Rays and are used in chemotherapy to kill the cancerous cells.
  • They are also used to examine metallic castings or oil pipelines for weak points.

Positive Health Effects

  • They can help cancer patients by killing the cancerous cells and prolonging their life.
  • They are used in X-Rays to detect brain or cardiovascular abnormalities.

Negative Health Effects

  • If your body absorbs too many gamma rays it can cause various types of cancer.
  • Overexposure to gamma rays can cause radiation sickness, the severity of which depends on how much radiation was absorbed by your body.
  • Gamma Rays can cause death if you become overexposed to radiation.
Scientists in Austin, TX have found that gamma ray photons can be created by firing intense laser pulses into a target. Computer simulations suggest that the electrons liberated when the pulse hits the target are accelerated in zigzag trajectories along magnetic-field lines. They believe that with the proper use technology such as this can advance our medical research and technology by leaps and bounds.
What Would Happen if a Gamma Ray Hits the Earth ?
In the video above it talks about what would happen if a gamma ray were to hit Earth. it explains that there would be major causalities and almost everything would have some amount of radiation. it begins to talk about how survivors would have to survive and what they would have to do to make sure their food and water are safe to consume.