Transformational Reiki Activation

Discover The Healer Within

NEW Reiki Training

Transformational Reiki Activation (TRA) is a comprehensive healing system gifted to Coldrey Blake. It is a “new “ bandwidth of higher vibrational frequency system that operates through an energetic language of love light and information, different to what we have known so fare in the field of healing modalities.

You will be introduced to the nature and the principles of the energy healing. You will discover and experience how to connect, feel, interact with this new wave of engage frequencies language of love light and information, that addresses both chronic and acute physical and emotional conditions.

Experience this amazing NEW Reiki Activation Frequency with

Master Healer Coldrey Blake

This new experience will send tingles throughout your body the first time you try it

you will actually feel yourself vibrating and humming with joy excitement and vitality.

TRA works with your life-force energy, or your "Chi" (aka “Qi”).

Everything in your body is held in balance by this invisible force, and when harnessed, the infinite possibilities are endless. Energy is what drives us all. It affects how we feel and how we show up in life. Anyone can learn this time-tested practice.

You will learn the art of self-healing, how to connect with universal life force energy.

Learn how to tap into the field of infinite possibilities, and discover the healer within.

Once you learn this life-changing healing system, you'll always be able use it, any time and wherever you are. The course highlights include:

• Explore what is energy

• Learn effective methods for self healing

• Receive a activation attunement

• Learn the 3 healing principles love connection and gratitude

• Learn powerful visualization and guided meditations techniques

During a TRA Training weekend, you’ll be “immersed” in this new evolutionary frequency wave, and once activated by this work, your own healing and transformation begins. Everyone can discover the healer within. You, too, can learn this simple yet powerful system in just one weekend. This class will help you to unlock your true potential, to tap into the flow of universe energy frequencies, where you will lean how to create initiate, activate and manifest abundance, joy and healing for yourself and others.

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Reiki Level:

January 23 - 24

February 27 - 28

March 27 - 28

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Saturday, Jan. 23rd 2016 at 9:30am

7 Chemin du Rivage

Chambésy, GE

Reiki Level I

The training is focused on self-healing. It is a comprehensive 2-days training combines lecture and discussions and ample opportunities for sharing and practicing playing with the energy frequencies.

Price: 300 CHF. Including all Materials and certificate

Contact Coldrey Blake +41 0775 0133 75 Geneva Switzerland

Coldrey Blake Director Life Motivations and founder of Ki For Life

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