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Welcome to Alyaanville! It is the best place to live and it is a very clean place to live. Alyaanville existed in 1955 and everything was first all empty except farms.Now, it started to build jobs, houses, vehicles, etc. This place is a healthy living place because it is clean and has all facilities. This place has a lot of resources, education, transportation, open space, etc. Also we have a social sustainability such as healthcare, education, etc. You'll see more details about the city.
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What is Sustainability


Sustainability defined as when we are not harmful to the environment or using up natural resources. Examples of sustainability initiative might include recycling practicing, waste minimization, energy use, etc.

Land Uses


Residential where people live. People live in houses and apartments. In Alyaanville, we have townhouses, semi, duplex, apartments, etc. This is a suburban community meaning that it is a residential area or a mixed use area. There are also retirement homes for the people who are old.


Institutional were they are schools, high schools, universities and colleges. There are also 13 hospitals those who are sick, worship. we have 10 fire stations if there is fire in your house or in the city. We have 12 police stations and a government such as laws.


In Alyaanville, we have a lot of factories, warehouses and mines. We have telephone poles for people to call or message. We have internet in our community and infrastructure.

We want to have healthy city so no harmful air is coming from the fumes away from the people.

Open Space

In Alyaanville, we have a lot of parks and playground. We have entertainments were you can watch movies, go to rides, etc. We have a sport team called the Alyaanville national basketball tournaments and hockey. People will having fun playing in playground, relaxing and doing a picnics with familes and friends.


We have shopping centers where you buy food, toys, decorations, etc. We have convenience stores were you don't have to go so far if you needed something for a emergency. We also have restaurants such as Chinese restaurants, Pakistani restaurants and other cultural restaurants.


In Alyaanville, we have different kinds of transportation. You will find stations such as bus stations, train station, etc. There are airports where people can go to vacation, visit their friends and families and work from other cities. We also have vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, trains, plane, etc and highways and roads.
Sustainability explained through animation