West Goshen News

November 13, 2015

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This week was another great week of learning! Check out the pictures below of the great learning that was happening at West Goshen as I walked through the building.

TLT focus

This week, we started diving into field testing. We used our student work to identify what mastery skills when students comprehend a text at each grade level. We also used the student work to go deeper - we asked ourselves "what questions would students have to ask themselves to get to mastery".

Next week we will be reviewing cluster for the week. Since Aimee will be gone for her daughter's surgery, the mentors will be leading cluster. We will use TLT time to go over the cluster agenda and plan.

Many evening events happening at West Goshen

There are many events that happen at West Goshen after school hours. We are taking precautions to make sure that the school remains safe and secure during the evening hours. I would like to ask all of you to lock your classroom doors when you leave. Just a preventative measure that we can all take to make sure things stay safe!

West Goshen Playground - Great Community Involvement

We were so lucky to have so many volunteers coming to help work on installing the playground! Thank you so all who donated food, time, and money to make this project happen! Our students will appreciate it!

SKR payout meetings

I need to schedule a meeting with all of the certified staff who were here last year to go over your SKR payout amount. Remember that this 1/2 of your bonus will show up in your first paycheck in December.

Please let me know what a good time is for you to meet with me.

More IB training opportunities

As you know, we have 8 people going to IB training in Baltimore at the beginning of December. There are 2 other trainings offered close-by (Chicago and Indianapolis) in the next few months. We have an opportunity to send more people to one or both of these trainings. The one in Chicago is February 13-15. The one in Indy is April 16-18. These workshops fill up very quickly so if you are interested, please let me know ASAP.

Alejandro Rodriguez

I am happy to formally let you all know that Alejandro Rodriguez (Carrie's student teacher this semester) will be taking Jen Carr's maternity leave after Christmas break. I am very excited that he will be staying with us!

Central Office Updates:

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.


TELL Survey – All schools will be participating in the TELL survey this spring. We do not have details regarding the window. However, the same company that has administered the survey in the past will be conducting the survey this year. Thus, there should be very little (if any) change to the process/procedures.

Upcoming Dates:

7:30 - RtI data meetings in TAP room
3:00-4:30 - TLT meeting

3:05-4:00 - Grades 3-5 cluster
6:30 Parent Night - Technology is the focus!

3:05-4:00 - Grades K-2 cluster

4:00-6:00 - Karen and Lori at Substitute training

8:00-11:00 - NWEA training (Skills Navigator Round 1) - (Aimee, Jenn, Holly, Melissa, Lori gone)
2:00-6:30 - Rise and Roll Pick-up in the gym

7:30 - RtI data meetings in TAP room
3:05-4:30- TLT meeting
6:00 - Board Meeting

No cluster week of Thanksgiving due to the short week!

7:30 - RtI data meetings in the TAP room
3:05-4:30 - TLT meeting


3:05-4:00 - Grades 3-5 cluster

8:00-11:00 - NWEA training (Skills Navigator Round 2) - (Aimee, Jenn, Holly, Melissa, Lori gone)
3:05-4:00 - Grades K-2 cluster

3:05 - Steele Benefits meeting in the TAP room - everyone needs to attend