Saxton Awards 25.3.22

Rainbow and Values Awards


Rainbow Awards:

Mira Mosshammer - for super maths

Ben Miles - for excellent observational skills in science

Iris O'Neill, Annabelle Southern and Rosie Baker - for meeting the school target and showing kindness and respect

Mikail Gomez - for having such a great first full week, we have loved having you in Willow.


Values Award (Respect):

Gracie Goodbarn - for meeting our school target of always remembering to move around school calmly and quietly.

Rainbow Awards:

Selim Gomez and Lucy Rayson - for having such a great first full week with us at Saxton. You have made so many new friends and I have loved having you in our class.


Rainbow Awards:

Ivy Hawkins - for having an amazing attitude in all lessons - you have produced some excellent writing this week and you have worked really independently in maths lessons.