Laser Engraver Press Fit

Preston Reese Hour 2

Why would this project be desirable to users? Why did you select or create this design? Who would be possible customers?

This project would be desirable to users because it gives them the opportunity to make a model prototype for a inexpensive price. I created a jet for this project because I have always been interested in planes because my dad worked for Delta growing up. A possible customer would be a company that wanted to test a product they are designing.

What obstacles or challenges did you face? How did you overcome those obstacles or challenges? If you were to complete this again, what would you do differently?

The biggest obstacle I faced was creating my design in Inventor, luckily I had already taken a class that used Inventor so I used my prior knowledge to help me. When I didn't know how to use a feature on inventor I overcame it by either asking a teacher for help or looking up the solution online. If I did this project again I would try and model my jet after a real F16.

What were you proud of or what was your biggest accomplishment with this project? What was most interesting or intriguing about this project? What did you learn through the designing and fabricating processes?

My biggest accomplish meant was designing and putting this project all together by the deadline. The most interesting part to me was gluing the project together. It was fun to see the progress as I finished putting together all the pieces. I learned through putting the project together that you need to be very precise when gluing all the pieces together, If you mess up one piece it can make the whole thing look bad.
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