Friday Focus

Amy Parks-Heath Elementary Staff May13, 2016

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Your Hero Moment-Treasure the memories!

Make sure you are soaking up the moments and creating memories that will last a lifetime with your kids. We often say we need to write a book with all the crazy stories, phrases we hear, and things we have to say. We should do it! At the very least, take a minute to journal. You will be so thankful you did! There is no way we could ever remember them all.

This Week's Important Info:

Monday, May 16th

  • Teacher Appreciation Week @ APHE
  • RISD Music Fest-6th Grade Band/Orchestra
  • 3rd Grade Planning
  • Choir Farewell Concert @ 7:00 PM-RHHS PAC

Tuesday, May 17th

  • Breakfast honoring Debbie Thompson 7:15-7:45 AM
  • Fire Drill 10:15 AM
  • Principal for the Day-5th Grader Elijah Williams
  • 6th Grade Track Meet
  • Staff Meeting @ 3:15 (Required training for all teachers returning to RISD)
  • RISD Twitter Chat 8:00-9:00 PM #risdchat

Wednesday, May 18th:

  • 4th Grade Field Trip to Rodeo
  • RISD Music Fest-5th Grade Orchestra
  • Megan @ Principal's Meeting
  • Last day for Library

Thursday, May 19th:

  • RISD Music Fest-Honor and Lighthouse Choirs
  • 3rd Grade Pioneer Day
  • Hamburger Man Here! PTO providing lunch
  • Pre-K Assessments for incoming APHE Kindergarteners
  • Twitter Thursday

Friday, May 20th:

  • 1st-3rd Grade Sleepover 7PM-8AM (Silent Auction Winners)