Kim Dae-Jung

By: Hagen Ganslen

Life Brief

Kim Dae-Jung was born on January 6, 1924. He was born in Sinan, Jeolla. He had 6 other kids in his house not including him. His date of death was August 18, 2009.

Background Symbolism

Why I chose this background to represent Kim Dae-Jung is because he grew up in a crowded city. He also was a politician and he helped build up his city and country. The background symbolizes a busy and upbeat place, just like Kim Dae-Jung. "In a large village on Ha-ui Island" on page 19. It also states that when he was going to school his graduating class was of 500.

Significant Facts

My first interesting fact is how he went into exile 3 times in his life. All of which were because he had different looks on political views. "Kim had himself arrested as well" on page 31. My second interesting fact is that he was married twice. HIs first wife, Cha Yong-ae, died in 1960 from age. My last interesting fact is that Kim Dae-Jung was elected president of the Republic of South Korea in 1997 and held the office until 2003.


He was finally elected president on December 18, 1997. On page 107 it says "Kim Dae-Jung, was elected as president on December 18". That was his biggest accomplishment in his life because he was trying and could not get elected until then.


His struggle was with all of the arrests or house arrests he went through. On page 67 it says "The X's count the days spent under house arrest for Kim and this is day 263". In 1956-1959 he was either under arrest or house arrest 4 times.


The friend that Kim Dae-Jung had through all of this was his wife, Lee Hee-ho, because she was supporting him through the best of times and the worst of times. On page 61 it states "Lee Hee-ho who has been a staunch ally and supporter of her husband.


The biggest award he received was the Noble Peace Prize in 2000 and that is the only award that he has to date. He has not set any records.


He was a devout christian. That was one of the only hobbies that he did was go to church. Also, he like to go to the plays that were held at the theater and concerts as well.


His symbol is handcuffs, Why I choose this object is for a few reasons. One is because he was in jail for 30% of his life. Another reason is that he was "handcuffed" to his presidential campaign meaning he was more focused on that then anything else. Another example is he was "handcuffed" to his home while he was under house arrest.
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Friend or Foe

He would be a friend to me. My first reason is that he was a focused or driven to something and he would not stop until he reached his goal just like me. My next reason is that he was a hard-working man and that he loved his family, sometimes he didn't show it, just like me. My last reason is that he was a loving, kind, and a serious person just like me.

Most like...

Kim Dae-jug reminds me of President Barack Obama. That is because of two reasons. My first reason is that President Obama was criticized for being african american and running for president, and Kim Dae-jung was criticized for running for a democratic party. My second and last reason is that Kim Dae-jung took a long time to run for president and to become president, as well as President Obama ran and he was turned down by the people at first, but in the long run was looked at by the people as a human being.

Alturist or Egotist?

Kim Dae-jung was, in my opinion, is a altruist. That is because he ran for president for the better of the people. As well as he did for his family not for him. If he was a egotist he would have done it for himself and would not have cared what anyone else had to say about it.


He had a personality of a loyal husband and father. He was a funny and kind person. Even though he didn't show it, he was loving in the inside.