Three Blind Mice Assignment

James Szczepkowski

Short Story

The farmers wife was arrested last week for convicting a felony of cutting off the three blind mouses tails. In the mean time, the three blind mice were planing on prosecuting the farmers wife, gathering witnesses, and getting a well renowned lawyer! When the lawyer had submitted an indictment. When the farmers family received the subpoena the entire family was shocked! The lawyer had planned on presenting to a judge and grand jury in six months. The farmers wife attended a hearing where she would appear for arraignment and establish a plea bargaining. Six months later, the mice went to court against the defendant. A witness, the fox, was very sly, and was known for lying very often had committed perjury to make everything more dramatic. This lead to a very confusing day which lasted a long time. After hearing the confusing case, the jury went to a room to discuss the verdict. While discussing the case, the jury could not make a solid answer. This lead to an appeal to a higher court. In the end, the farmers wife was stated guilty, and the bail was set to large amount of $50,000. The farmer and his family could not pay for the bail so the wife spent 10 years in prison for battery assault.