Hudson River School

by : Tayler Challis

How it all started

The Hudson River School first got started when the theme of European art came to America. The European romantic movement in art showed nature in its wildest. When this subject came to the U.S. people started to realize the beauty in our land features and wild life. Soon people were collectively painting. There theme of artwork became known as the Hudson River School.

How did this effect the United States?

This artwork popularized the idea of Manifest destiny and came to symbolize American independence. This most likely comes from the painstakingly detailed paintings and drawings. This art also was made to show gods divine handiwork in nature. Now days this type or artwork is common. We even use this in art class when we paint the landscape. This was truly an important time in the history of American art.

More than just paintings

The meaning behind the paintings

  • The HRS art is strongly nationalistic. This type of art celebrates the natural beauty of the American landscape.
  • These paintings show people the wonderful work god has done in creating our country.
  • The paintings also popularized the idea of Manifest Destiny.
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The time of the Hudson River School

The HRS flourished until about the time of the centennial (1801-1848). The founder/father of this type of art was Thomas Cole who died in 1848. Soon after Cole died Asher B. Durand became a kind of leader to the people who used this style. Before Durand became the next "leader" he was the president of the National Academy of Design in 1845.

Who else was involved?

Many other artists were involved to give a small example here are some names...

John F. Kensett

Worthington Whittredge

Sanford Robinson

Jasper Francis Corspey

Jervis McEntee

The Ending Impact

The HRS had a big impact on American art and we should remember this time forever and cherish what this art has given us. This spread the idea of manifest destiny which helped America become America. It changed the way we see art. This is whys the HRS is so important to America because it truly changed our perspective on life in the U.S.A.