Expanding Learning Opportunities

Summer Session One Stats

Great Success

Due to the energy, enthusiasm, and servant-leadership by our faculty, eLo experienced a successful inaugural session one launch. We had 20 faculty members proactively engage their students across 26 sections including five different courses.

The courses were rigorous and time-consuming because of their short duration. However, the students performed exceptionally well and exhibited the critical qualities needed to be successful: effective communication, independent problem-solving, and time management. We couldn't be prouder of the students!

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Student Statistics

Total Enrollments: 642

# of A's: 382

# of B's: 177

# of C's: 52

# of D's: 23

# of F's: 8

Median Grade: 90.9%

Student Survey Snapshot

We had a 52% survey response rate, near 340 submissions.
  • 71% of students indicated they have participated in an A.P. course in high school.
  • 93% of students indicated they enrolled in an eLo course because it provides them academic flexibility during the school year.
  • 42% of students indicated they enrolled in an eLo course because it provides them the flexibility to balance other summer obligations.
  • 95% of students indicated the instructor responded to their requests within 24 hours.
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All Around the World

eLo Consortium students participated in a course from many amazing places!

International: Belize, Canada, Europe, India, Italy, Maldives, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.

States: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tenessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin.