By: Brionna Barcia, Stephanie Defalco, Lorissa Loveday


The Apartheid was a period of segregation and apartness between blacks and whites. Blacks were treated unequally and they didn't have all of the rights that the whites did.

Social problems

The way people were treated was based on their social classes. Some social classes were treated a lot worse then others. This caused a lot of conflict because people knew that they should have been treated better. Biko tried to show blacks the reality of how they were being treated.


The government outlawed both the ANC and the Pan-Africanist Congress and arrested thousands of activists. The Spear of the Nation was organized, which began a campaign of Sabotage against the government. Which led to the arrest and imprisonment of many ANC leaders and the founder of Spear of the Nation, Nelson Mandela.


The Population Registration Act (1950) divided the white citizens from the non-white citizens. This is very significant for the Apartheid
South Africans wanted to oppose sanctions and a trade embargo in South Africa


The whites had better jobs and were fed better because they had more money since the blacks weren’t given good jobs.
The Dutch immigrants exercised effective power, they made laws that segregated Afrikaners( the whites) from Africans ( the blacks) and reserved education, land ownership and good jobs

South Africa now

Mandela started to make economic recovery and treated people the same as others. The health of South Africa has gotten better. In 1994 the Apartheid era ended and equality was the new way of life.