Week of 10/19 - 10/23

English 3

Daily Topics of Exploration


How do we improve our reading stamina?

Reading Workshop


Which of the 4 realms are covered this week?

Finish reading Act 2 or "Our Town"

Visual Literacy Number 2

Wednesday: Late Start

Discuss Visual Literacy

Watch "OT: Our Town"


Begin reading Act 3 - "Our Town"

Act 3 Purpose Setting/Big Questions


Finish reading Act 3 - "Our Town"

Discuss end of the book assessment - next Tuesday or Wednesday

Weekly Links

Here is where you will find our weekly links needed for our class:

Our Town Study Guide


Homework Central

You will find the information pertaining to your weekly assignments here:

Everyday - Read your Reading Workshop Book in order to meet your weekly targets.

Monday 10/19:

Read and complete your blue Status Update that is in your English 3 folder.

Tuesday 10/20:

Act 2

Homework is: Complete the Visual Literacy # 2 for Our Town

Wednesday 10/21:

No Homework - however catch up on the movie if you were absent

Thursday 10/22:

Act 3

Homework is:

Friday 10/9:

Act 3

Homework is:

Teacher Conference Sign-Up

A clip board will be available everyday in class. Please make sure to let us know if you sign-up for a conference later that same day.

Teacher Information

Mrs. Zimmerman


Best time to find me:

Periods 2, 5 and 6

Mrs. Jones


Best time to find me:

Periods 6, 7 and 8