February Newsletter

Happy Leap Year!

Important Dates

2/1: Case 21 ELA

2/2: Case 21 Math

2/3-2/4: Case 21 Science (Stephens Wednesday, Hopkins Thursday)

2/1-2/4: Geometry test (open note assessment, working on it as Case 21 testing allows)

2/5: Begin Fraction multiplication! (earlier start date possible, depends on Case testing)

2/15: CANCELLED Teacher Workday - regular school day for everyone now!

What's Up This Month


This month is going to be entirely about multiplying fractions. We will be spending a lot of time focusing on the different kinds:

  • fraction x fraction
  • whole number x fraction
  • mixed number x fraction
  • mixed number x whole number
  • mixed number x mixed number


We are venturing into Body Systems for this first unit in the 3rd 9 weeks. This is one of my favorite units to teach, and we have a very interactive plan for our students! There will be flipbooks and a end-of-unit project, provided that we can find enough Chromebooks to share between both 5th grade teams. I apologize in advance for any songs that your students might get stuck in your heads this month!

"Hopkins Family" Stuff

  • At least 15 new Essential Rules will be learned this month!
  • We've added a Wall of Fame for Math: if you make an M on both the multiple choice test and the performance task, or if you make incredible progress, your test is stapled to the wall!
  • The Long Mill Interview Team is still diligently searching for the best candidates. This is likely the last week of interviews, and we will be reaching decisions for all open positions shortly.
  • Now that the snow is gone (for now...), homework for Math and ELA will resume this week. ELA passages will be on body systems!