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Teacher Spotlight: Who is going OVERBOARD?

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Mrs. Peters- Specialized Instruction

Kayla Peters is a leader and role model for specialized instruction teachers throughout Forsyth county! She develops such strong bonds with her students and allows them to feel comfortable in her classroom. She finds ways to meet each of their needs and focuses on their interests in order to get them to enjoy learning.

Recently, she started using some new technology tools with her students to help them enjoy learning more. One of her students loves one of these tools so much that he wants to use it almost every day! He is speaking and sharing more information than ever before!

Check out this video to see one of the fun activities Mrs. Peters uses with her students!

Voyage Ideas- Books about Loyalty

Next month we will be finishing up Voyage with our last anchor trait- loyalty! Check out the links below to get some ideas for great books you can read to your class about loyalty and some of our other anchor traits throughout this year.