Performance Enhancing Drugs

Do PED's affect men and women differently within sports?


The effect of performance enhancing drugs is an issue worth debating all over the world as it is a way of helping yourself that either perfects your performance so that an athlete can win or deteriorate ones body. The positives and negatives of performance enhancing drugs not only affect the world but it also affects us as a nation and an individual. This essay will not only examine the topic of performance enhancing drugs and cases around the world but it will also list points both positive and negative and their effects globally, nationally and personally.

Androstenedione (Positives)

In females Androstenedione increases energy levels while training for or performing sports as well as increasing muscle due to the fact that it is a hormone which is later converted into oestrogen. In men it also has the same effects but the hormone is converted into testosterone rather than oestrogen.
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Androstenedione (side effects)

For females side effects of Androstenedione include acne, masculinisation, and abnormal menstrual period, an increased chance in either breast, prostate or pancreas cancer. It is also poisonous to the liver and can reduce levels of High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (HDL-C) also known as "good cholesterol.

While in females the site effects are more masculine in males the effects are slightly different. Males may develop breasts as well as having frequent behavioural changes such as mood swing and also a higher risk at getting a heart disease


According to the US Legal website, the use of performance enhancing drugs can be traced back to the ancient olympic games where fame and fortune would be rewarded if one won. They state that drug testing has become more common by a certain degree, while in some sports it is more common to test, others may not have that commonality but there would still be testing to some extent.