Canada's Contribution to End Hunger

How Canada Could Help to End World Hunger

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What is Hunger

About everyone in the world gets hungry. Me, you, everyone.But we could satisfy our hunger by a quick snack or a meal. ("What is Hunger")795 people in the world are undernourished. They are not able to satisfy their hunger quickly. Hunger is divided into two main subtopics: Food Insecurity and Malnutrition

Food Insecurity

A month of bad weather for a farmer or an inless for a farmer will result in a shortage of income. ("What is Hunger") In extreme cases this can lead to food insecurity. ("What is Hunger") People in this condition lack a stable, reliable and sustainable way to get the meals they need. ("What is Hunger")


As in everything quality is more important than quantity. ("What is Hunger") People suffering from malnutrition do not get proper nutritious food. ("Definition of Malnutrition) The body lacks vitamins. If a child under two gets malnutrition, the child can suffer from serious problems life long. ("What Causes Hunger") There is a high risk that their children may also get malnutrition. ("What Causes Hunger") The cycle goes on and on.