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Ninth Grade Biology Uses Learning Stations

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A group of Tyler Heffington's 9th grade biology students complete a card sort over biomolecules at one of their assigned learning stations. Learning stations are a great way to "chunk"content into more digestible sections while also engaging students in a collaborative setting. Mr. Heffington made great use of this activity structure as he was able to provide small group instruction as he circulated the room! Great job!

Thematic Units in Middle School GT ELAR

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Heritage Middle School teacher, Tate Albright is leading his 7th Grade GT/Pre-AP English students in thematic units this year. Their first unit was on SURVIVAL, and students were engaged, excited, and self-motivated! Students created independent as well as collaborative projects such as poetry trees to demonstrate their understanding of the thematic elements of the unit. Mr. Albright has found that student engagement and learning has been increased through the new GT curriculum he has developed.

Exciting Activities Taking Place in CTE

Construction Technology students are building the entire structure of a house to assist with labeling, vocabulary and measurements.

Mrs. Powell’s Medical Terminology Classes learned about the skeletal system by drawing life-sized ‘portraits’.

Love That Poem

The sixth grade students in Ms. Cisnero's class at FMS recently read the book, Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech. The book is written as a series of free-verse poems from the point of view of Jack, a boy who does not like poetry. However, the more Jack writes, the more he begins to enjoy writing poems, specifically about his dog. Like the main character in the book, the FMS students created their own imitation poems about topics of their choosing, such as pancakes, waffles, and huskies. They published their imitation poems, along with graphics, using Sway.

Small Groups Make Learning Math, Fun!

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Kristen Dossett at Willow Bend Elementary guides her students in a small group to count and compare numbers to 10. Working in small groups provides Ms. Dossett a way to see what each of her students knows and allows her to identify needs for growth. Students use manipulatives to show their thinking and understanding.

Pre-K Students Work Together

Pre-Kindergarten students in Ms. Lopez’s dual language classroom work together to label parts of the body with correct Spanish vocabulary. Students learn best when they can practice using new vocabulary with their peers. It was so much fun to hear them talk through their new learning!

Willow Bend Pre-K Dual Language students working towards mastery by practicing writing their letters with their bilingual pairs. Students not only use the pencil paper method but also Mrs. Lopez differentiates their learning by having them draw their letters using salt, drawing the letters in the air, and tracing them in the books she reads to them. These Pre-K dual language students love to collaborate and learn from each other.