By Carly and Megan

Your person's name, age and what city they are from?

The person's name is Maritaz, she's at the age of 17. The city that Maritza is from is Medellin.

Family and family life:

She thinks her mother dosent love her because she abuses her. Maritza and her mother don't get along. Maritza has fired guns, been shot, and shes done drugs. Maritza was also the surprise child that her mom never wanted.


In the book it says :In Medellin people us it to refer to the poorest and toughest neighborhoods." The heart of the city of Medellin is beautiful and rich and lies in a valley. Houses in Medellin are very close together like, almost on top of each other. Theres narrow roads winding their way through them.

Events that have influenced them?(page 90)

Maritza used drugs, she got shot and her mother didn't even care.(page 98) When her mother shot her, Maritza almost died.

Have they been threatened?

Yes, they have been threatened by her family like to do something similiar to abusing her. Also she was threatened by other gangs.

Why did they chose to fight for peace?

Maritza chose to fight for peace because of all the problems she was having at home and the dangers that were right outside her house. Also there was people who wanted her dead and they could be anywhere.

What about this person impressed you most?

The thing that impressed us the most was that she was brave enough to fight for what she believes in. Even though her mom was abusing her.

If you had to ask them a question, what would it be?

If i had to ask Maritza a question it would be. Why didn't you run away from your mom when she did all these things to you? Also did you ever consider running away?