June/July 2019 Update - Digital Teaching and Learning

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DTL Spring Evaluations Coming for Cohorts 1 & 2: Please Update Your DTL Dashboards by June 15!

Be sure to:

  1. upload evidence,
  2. reference measurement instruments, and
  3. verify that your outcomes align to your plan.

Remember: You will enter RISE and other summative test scores as they are available, not necessarily by the June 15 deadline.

If you need help,

  1. watch this webinar,
  2. refer to these documents, or
  3. contact melanie.durfee@schools.utah.gov.

Thanks for all your work in getting the people in your LEAs to fill out surveys and teacher logs. We were able to collect 2002 teacher surveys, 1271 teacher logs, 260 administrator surveys, and 50 point of contact surveys. We appreciate the effort required to gather this data. It helps us work toward continual funding of this program!

The people of Metiri are working to update the Scenarios tab on the dashboard site. Teacher comments are listed there and searchable/filterable. It’s a great place to see what’s happening throughout the state.

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The last day for LEAs to submit DTL Grant Reimbursements for FY19 will be June 10, 2019. However, remember DTL Awards for FY19 don't expire until December and reimbursements can still be issued through the first half of FY20.

*Please remember to attach a summary of expenditures to demonstrate alignment to your approved DTL Plan.*


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Open Elementary Teacher Position on the Utah Instructional Materials Commission

This vacancy is for an elementary teacher to fill a four year appointment beginning now until the spring of 2023. Meetings are twice yearly (May/November).

The purpose of state adoption of instructional materials is to provide for the schools of the state recommendations regarding the best available instructional materials and cautions against those of inferior or undesirable quality. See the attachment below for more details and information, including who to contact if interested.


The Key to 21st Century Classrooms Isn't Tech. It's Evolved Teaching.

"Technology and access to information arenʼt the most important factors in creating twenty-first-century classroom; teachers are. The power of the teacher comes not the information she shares but from the opportunities she creates for students to learn how to learn, solve problems, and apply learning in meaningful ways." Katie Martin

Addressing Barriers to Technology Adoption

Utah's Master Plan for Technology-Powered Learning and the DTL Grant Program work together to help mitigate each of the common barriers listed in the below article, including: 1) Establishing a vision, 2) Leveraging LEA leadership, 3) Allocating funding, 4) Rethinking curriculum, 5) Integrating devices, 6) Transforming pedagogy, 7) Improving infrastructure, 8) Rethinking professional development, 9) Engaging stakeholders, 10) Managing change, and ultimately 11) Improving student learning.

While the grant application is robust and comprehensive, its purpose is to support the successful launch of each LEA's unique plan to improve teaching and learning. We are here to support you in implementing your plans. Thank you for being part of our DTL community!

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STEM Action Center News

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DTL newsletters are sent monthly at the beginning of each month. If you have information for the DTL community, please send it via email by the last Friday of the prior month to Syd Young.

USBE Digital Teaching and Learning Team

Rick Gaisford

Educational Technology Specialist
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Happy Summer! Next up: August "Back to School" Edition