Types of Advertising

Ben Dodson

Option #2

2. Go to a web site of your choice and locate the ‘Contact Us’ page. E-mail the contact

person and introduce yourself as a high school student who is conducting research

on online and off-line marketing. State that you would like to find out what type of

advertising their company does and what type they feel is the most effective for their

business. Be sure to be professional and thank them for their time and any

assistance they can give you.

Champs Sports

I interviewed Shelly from champs.com (a sports apparel store) and asked her what type of advertising they do. She answered me by saying that...

1. They send physical mail/coupons to customers/potential customers

2. They send emails to customers/potential customers containing product information and coupon codes for online use.

3. They sponsor different programs/organizations to get their logo on their ads/products.

4. commercials

5. They use youtube as a source to upload informational videos about their products and company.

6. They use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to keep people updated on company and store news.

7. They sponsor major events such as the Champs Bowl in college football to promote their name.

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As a major corporation Champs takes advantage of nearly every type of advertisement possible. Unlike small businesses they have the resources to do so, while smaller businesses would not have the money/know how to get their name out their like the big companies do.