Social Phobia

By: Kyle V.

What is Social Phobia?

Social Phobia Explained

Social Phobia, also known as Selective Muteness, is a type of anxiety problem which causes an extreme feeling of shyness and self-consciousness.

Signs or Symptoms of Social Phobia

Signs or Symptoms

  • Extreme shyness
  • self consciousness
  • fears of embarrassment
  • dreading social activity

How dose Social Phobia affect someone?

Social Phobia can affect someone's well-being in multiple ways

Social Phobia is caused by overuse of the body's fight-or-flight response (the response the body makes to tell you if you are in danger.) A person with Social Phobia is delivered this warning to much, and with overly strong affects. These affects include:

  • Heart Beat quickening
  • Blood Pressure Rising
  • Adrenalin producing

How is Social Phobia diagnosed?

Social Phobia Diagnosis Procedures

There are a few things that a Doctor might test before you are diagnosed. These things include:

  • checking if any physical signs are causing the anxious reaction.
  • asking to describe signs and symptoms
  • review multiple situations and asking if they cause stress
  • taking questionnaires that help pinpoint a certain diagnoses

How is Social Phobia treated?

Social Phobia can be treated in multiple ways.

The most common way to treat Social Phobia is to see a therapist to talk about your problems. In therapy, patients are given specialized treatment to help them understand the warning signs their body is sending them, and helps them overcome their fears. Friends or families that the person with this mental disorder are close to might be able to help, too. Even just having a person to talk to is enough to help them.

An interesting side fact.

The biggest reason people with social phobia are not given proper treatment is due to the lack of knowledge most therapists have on the subject.