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Mrs. Smith 6th Grade Earth Science By: Taylor Feldman

Earthquake PBL

How can we, structural engineers, a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand cosmic activity. This project is about making house that can withstand any cosmic activity or earthquakes. The only materials is clay, string, straws, toothpicks, and popsicles sticks. My tables design for this project was to use the popsicle sticks to back the walls for the house, the clay to hold the popsicle sticks together, the string to also rap around the building. Some main points I learned were not to just go off of what I think but to try different things. Another thing is to make sure I use the materials wisely.

30 Hands Project

What I learned about doing this project is the different characteristics of the atmosphere. I learned the most about the temperature in the different layers and whether it is hot or cold. I also learned about how one place can be really close to another place in space but they are totally different temperatures. What I like most about the project was being able to put my creativity to use and make the pic collages fun.

Invention Convention

For the invention convention my group was Ava Hayes and Lauren Bowers. Our invention was a golf cart that is run off of a solar pannel. It also picks up trask with a vacum that is powered by the solar pannel. This invention solves air pollution and land pollution. This solves air pollution becasue by using solar pannel instead of gasoline it doesn't give out air pollution. It solves land pollution because it helps pick up the trask that is laying around on the side of the freeways.
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30 Hands Project Video

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Shake Table Earthquake PBL