Copy Right for Multimedia

Do's and Don't's. Flyer by Kevin Lopez

Copyright, what is it? And how does it relate to Graph and Design?

  • Copyright definition: the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something (as a literary, musical, or artistic work)

Say you wanted to use a photo, and you don't want to plagiarize or other trouble with the law, how would you know if you're using it right?

Well, There are a few rules of copyright and how it affects or relates to Graph and design.

Use of a photo or other media: When you use a photo or such, you must cite the original source of said media. This ensures that you used another persons work, without claiming it belongs to you and not violate the law of copyright. The same goes for movies/videos/plays/literature/and other copyrighted works.

This copyright is important for Graph and design because designers do not want to break the law, plagiarism is a serious crime against protected work. Designers can manipulate or change things, but if something is protected by the U.S.A constitution it is important to cite or not use for safety purposes.

The purpose of copyright is to protect, protect work of the original source.

The best rule of using work that is copyright is:

Do not use


Cite where you got the medida/original creator.

Photos with cited sources

Website links with information about copyright