8th Grade Home Support

4th Six Weeks Resources for 8th Grade Parents at LMS

"I Want to Help My Student, But It's Not What I Learned When I was in School...."

Here you will find resources that will help you talk to your student about what they are learning in school. You don't need to know what everything means or even the answer to the questions, just start asking them SPECIFIC questions about the content (TEKS) they are learning in each of their core classes.

If you need more help, contact your student's teacher. They are ready and willing to help!

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Lead4ward Resources - STAAR released questions and K-12 academic vocabulary

Project Share - Search by Grade and Subject and then choose the TEKS your student is learning or will be learning this six weeks

TASA on iTunes U - K-12 Course-specific digital resources gathered by Texas educators

Khan Academy - Search and watch tutorial videos by subject


Important Dates

CCA #4 - February 9th

Focused TEKS This Six Weeks in ELAR

ELAR Resources

Achieve 3000

School-supported site for expository texts.
Your child uses his or her login information to access. Parent access is also available.

No Red Ink

Free site offering Grammar support

Contact the 8th Grade ELAR Teachers

Mr. Alfonso Bernal

Mrs. Porscha Price


Important Dates

CCA #4 - February 11th

Focused TEKS This Six Weeks in Math

  • TEKS

MATH Resources

Mathworks at Texas State University - Online math learning tools

Contact the 8th Grade Math Teachers

Mr. Timothy Drew

Mrs. Kelly Parker


Important Dates:

CCA #4 - February 10th

Focused TEKS This Six Weeks in Science

Science Resources


Online Science textbook. Here you can find guides, vocabulary cards, & review games.
Student login is required. Your child uses his or her login information to access.

Contact the 8th Grade Science Teacher

Coach Juan Carrion

Mrs. Christine Taeff

Social Studies

Important Dates

CCA #4 - February 10th

Focused TEKS This Six Weeks in Social Studies

Social Studies Resources

McGraw Hill Connect ED

Textbook resource that has practice quizzes and history games.
Your child uses his or her login information to access.

TIME for Kids

Flash-card Maker.
(This site can be used for any subject.)

Contact the 8th Grade Social Studies Teachers

Coach Jacob Dangerfield

Coach R. M. James

Home Support Coordinator for Lamesa Middle School

Ms. Catharine Hopkins