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January, 2023

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Greetings from Principal Bogins!

Hello UMHSA Parents and Families,

Happy 2023! I hope you had a fabulous Winter Break with your families. We are excited about these final months for our graduating seniors - Class of 2023! I anticipate the final dates for the Senior Prom and Graduation exercises will be finalized by the end of this month, if not sooner. I understand the frustration in not knowing these dates especially for travel purposes for out-of-town family members. I assure you as soon as I receive this information, I will communicate it promptly.

We are gearing up for our Winter iReady testing for our Middle School students, which begins on Tuesday, January 17th, and Final Exams for our High School Students, which begins on Thursday, January 19. The schedule (below) is our adjusted class schedule for the week of January 16th. O-Tech students do NOT need to report to school on Thursday, January 19, 2023.

Just a reminder, there will be NO school for students on Monday, January 16 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Tuesday, January 24 for Records Day.

Educationally Yours,

Orlando T. Bogins

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News for U!

Winter iReady Testing

UMSA Students will begin taking their Reading and Math iReady tests on Tuesday, January 17 with their English and Math teachers. Per the Fall 2022 iReady letter, students should have completed approximately 60 minutes per week of individualized lessons whether for homework or during Seminar. As a result, we are looking forward to seeing how our students have soared from their Fall performance to now. Please read the attached letter to prepare your students for testing.

Middle School Boys' Basketball Team

Congratulations to the UMSA Boys' Basketball Team players. Their current record is 1-0. Their next game is on Saturday, January 14 at 9:00 a.m. against MacArthur in the UMHSA Gymnasium. The rest of their schedule is posted below.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Awardees

Congratulations to Seniors Anthony R. and Kayla W. for receiving the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Scholarships from the Michigan Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church, Greater Detroit District.

2022-23 Yearbook

The 2022-23 Yearbook is in the works!! The theme is "Behind the U" to showcase ALL our students, clubs/organizations, community outreach, athletics and much more!

All Seniors will receive a copy as part of their Senior Package. Yearbooks are available for pre-order for any middle or high school student/family. You can use QR code below- to submit your order. The $45 price is only available until January 31. After that date, the price will increase to $55.

Senior Ads will go on sale the week of January 23; information will be sent to parents/guardians via email or you can contact the Yearbook Adviser, Ms. Lewis at

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In the U Spotlight

Tiara. L - 10th grader

Tiara is being recognized for being a visual artist, maintaining excellent focus and attention to details, and possessing unlimited creativity in class.

Lacee A.-B. - 7th Grader

GPA: 3.8

Future Career/Educational Goals: U of M. Lacee is focused on medical school in the hopes of becoming a Pediatrician.

Favorite Class/Teacher: ELA/Mrs. Simpson

Lacee is the Student Council Treasurer and belongs to NJHS. She is also a Peer-Tutor and is available for tutoring her peers every Friday during Seminar. She is an excellent student, who is consistently engaged in all of her classes. She often goes above and beyond what is required. Lacee is always kind and empathetic towards her peers and is well liked by everyone! Her interests include dance, volleyball and karate.

Math at The U

7 Ways to Study for Midterms

1. Speak up.

Your teachers should be your very first stop when getting ready for midterms. Make sure you're asking the right questions to get the information you need about the exam. Here’s a quick list of questions you should confirm for each class:

  • Will the teacher be providing a review packet or holding an in-class review session? Will there be after-school opportunities for more review?

  • Will the midterm test material from the whole year so far or just the most recent material?

  • What is the format of the exam?

  • How many points is the exam worth?

  • What study suggestions does your teacher have?

2. Make a midterm study schedule.

We know it feels as though you’re doing nothing but studying. But you can actually spend less time studying for midterms if you make a plan. Once you know what’s going to be on the exam, make a list of what topics or question types you need to cover and when you’re going to cover them. Make sure you study a little each night from now until the midterm.

3. Ready to study? Start with your notes and tests.

While you’re at it, gather up any handouts or worksheets. Your midterm exam covers material from the whole year, then your previous tests will help you see what your teacher thinks is important. (Plus, you can learn from your past test mistakes). If the quality of your notes is less than stellar, vow to change your ways!

4. Form a study group.

If your note taking skills really are subpar, it’s a great idea to partner up with a classmate who has got this skill down. In exchange, offer to help transfer his or her notes to flash cards or to take on another part of a group project. Study groups can also help you study more efficiently—dividing and conquering a chapter outline or unit notes, for example, can help all of you prepare.

5. Change the scenery.

Breaks are essential to retain what you’ve learned and keep your focus. No matter how hard you’re working be sure to take some time to grab a snack from the kitchen or go for a quick run. It also helps to switch up your study space when reviewing for exams. Try studying in the public library, at a coffee shop, or at a study buddy’s house for a change.

6. Don’t skimp on sleep.

You might be tempted to pull an all-nighter, but a good night’s sleep is key to your success. Start a healthy sleep routine in the weeks leading up to your exam, so you can reap the benefits of a fresh mind on test day.

7. Stay positive.

Test anxiety is real. A smart plan, focused studying, and a calm morning are your best plan of attack.

It’s crunch time now, but the end is in sight!

English at The U

AP Literature Class

Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Lewis will be co-teaching an intense poetry unit to ensure students are prepared for the May, 2023 AP Literature exam. Even if students are NOT taking the exam, they will develop advanced writing skills and hone their critical reading skills.

Social Studies at The U

Stetz's AP Government Class

Students in Mr. Stetz's AP Government class learned about political parties and their role in American government and politics. After completing the chapter, students, working in groups, created their own political parties. The political parties were displayed on poster boards in the media center where students came in to learn about the parties that were created. An election was held and the students voted for the party that they felt was the best. The picture is from the winner of the election - The United Together Union.
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World Languages at The U

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

The Surprising Benefits of Learning a Second Language:

  • Improves your memory

  • Makes you a better problem solver

  • Encourages cultural appreciation

  • Makes you a better communicator (in your native tongue too!)

  • Encourages creativity

  • Increases your chances of landing a great job

This year, students enrolled in Spanish 4 are eligible to take the STAMP 4S Exam to earn the Michigan Department of Education Seal of Biliteracy. For more information use the following link: MDE Seal of Biliteracy

Counseling Center Corner

University Middle Students

During the month of December UMSA students participated in a grade level college fair. Each student researched a college of their choice and presented their findings to the class. During the presentations students learned about majors, activities and cost of attending each college to name a few.

January will start our college and career readiness series. We will use Xello. Xello is an engaging college and career readiness software that unlocks every student's potential by opening their eyes to future possibilities and equipping them with the knowledge to be successful in multiple career paths. Students document their journey as they build self-knowledge, explore post-secondary options, create plans, and continually reassess as they take in new knowledge, skills, and experiences..

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University High Students

9th-11th grade students will start to select their course for the 2023-2024 school year at the start of the 2nd semester. Students will be given their course selection sheets to- start deciding which classes will be best for them next year.

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