By: Katelyn Good

Map of Mexico ( Physical)

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Mexican Culture

A game in the Mexican culture is called stealing the sombrero how you play is kids make sombreros and the adults play music. While the children try to steal the other persons sombrero. Then the adults stop the music the people with no sombrero are out and the last two people standing are the winners.

Chiles en nogada is one of there many cultures dishes. This dish usually has Meat, spices, fruit. The name comes from a mexican word which mean walnut tree.


A few of the agricultural products are, beans, corn, rice, cotton and more. Mexico is a big producer and exporter of fruits and vegetables. Mexico has been believed to be a waterless country. But this is incorrect because it has a wide territory were about 12% is used for agriculture.


Along the coast it is very hot unbearably hot during the summer. Were the inland communities are much dryer then the coast because of the elevation . In the cities the elevation is much higher so i becomes very cold, freezing during the winter.
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My first land form is the Yucatan Peninsula, has a mix of ancient and modern culture. The Yucatan peninsula has beaches on the Caribbean sea and gulf of mexico. Also has many ancient ruins of the Mayan. This makes the Yucatan Peninsula a destination lots of people want to see.

My second is the Southern Mountain Range, this is widely spaced populated region of southern mexico. This features the Serria Madre del sur , and the Serra Madre de Oaxaca . Some of these northern ares are covered with dry deciduous forests.