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Successful cases of any works

Many of the most important discrete probability distribution is a distribution that arises Biostatistical applications. When an independent eye on the distribution of natural Testing binary answer is usually" win" or classified as" failed." For example, in response, yes/ no) pukaioru inpatient Develops an infection or not, or defective item, or if not a lot. Variable Alone, this test counts the number of successes in n queue management system independent trials B equals" success" equal probability of each, follows a distribution binomial with parameters n and p.

Take the model used in the finite population By replacing components, and the theory of infinite For example, the parts of a machine, provided that the manufacturing process Stable( long -term fixed rate defective parts) without Memory( each part does not depend on the result of the above). For example, the number of patients who can be admitted to a binomial variable 5un Nosocomial infection in a hospital unit. In the particular case of N= Bernou distribution as a result, becomes.

I think that a test or experiment is repeated, are to be Occurrence or nonoccurrence of an event referred to as independent and are interested in P is the probability of this event is the" winner" Geometric distribution allows K the number of repetitions that can be performed by calculating the probability Get a win for the first time. Therefore, it is different from the binomial distribution The number of repetitions in advance, but the variation is not Measured and, further, the possible values queue management system ​​of the variable is set to unlimited. How to use this distribution 7To, it is assumed that a certain drug works 80% of disease that can be conceived,.

Queue management system of waiting times

A variation of" failed attempts before the drug use The first hit" parameter p= 0.8 follows the distribution of the product. Another example The number of children born to the first variable geometry. Geometric distribution, that is used for the distribution if tests are performed at regular intervals, the random queue management system variable Elapsed time between flights to win. The distribution of the" Markov property" or forgetfulness is called At time t does not depend on time, which implies that the probability of waiting Elapsed since.

In the case of events that occur at regular intervals, this variable r successes to the total time, so that it" Binomial" time. The negative binomial distribution was originally proposed as an alternative Poisson model, while the number of queue management system occurrences of an event Fish are known as variation or addition to the data overdispersion.

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