3 Way Conferencing

October Conferences: Teacher-Student-Parent

Pick a Time Scheduling

Grade 3 will have three-way conferences in October. These conferences will be taking place on October 1st and 2nd.

We believe this format will help students accept responsibility and ownership for their learning. We also believe that this format will give you, as parents, much more information on what your child has learned so far and how you can help them continue to make progress.

Our students in grade 3 have begun learning how to set goals and self-reflect about their own work. It seems natural that they should now take the next step in the process by being directly involved in the conferences. We feel that this is a more empowering way for the students to be involved in a process that directly impacts them.

The purpose of this style of conference is to promote student learning by:

• Celebrating learning that has already taken place

• Increasing student ownership and responsibility for their learning

• Providing an opportunity for students, parents and the classroom teacher to set short and long term goals for future learning

• Improving students’ learning to better evaluate their own work

• Taking a more active role in their learning.

Three-way conferencing spotlights all of the “stakeholders”- you, as parents, your child and the teacher. This means that your child will be in the room for part of the conference. The students will talk about goals, strengths and growth points. The students will be part of the conference for a short time- about 10 minutes and then the teacher will be available to talk with you privately. We hope that you will see this as an opportunity to learn more about the classroom work and how you can assist your child with their learning goals.

The conferences are scheduled for October 1st and 2nd. You should be receiving sign up details using Pick-A Time on Monday 21st September- please check your child’s homework folder and log on so that you can pick a time.

Thank you for your co-operation. We hope to see you all (you and your child) soon.

Grade 3 Teachers

When you sign up for your Pick A Time Parent Conference slot- make sure that your child is also available too- do not forget to bring them

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