Whitney Wolves Weekly Update

Trust the magic of new beginnings. 3/26/21

Upcoming Events

3/29 Mad Science Assembly, 10:00

3/30 CAS Celebration of the Arts

3/31 Remote learning day (asynchronous)

4/1 Remote learning day (asynchronous)

4/2 No School (Good Friday)

4/7 PTO meeting, 5:00, Zoom

4/9 Student Led Assembly 9:00

4/12 – 4/16 Spring Vacation

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Thank you for your patience with us this week as we had more parents than expected picking-up and dropping-off.

When dropping off or picking up please make sure to pull all the way up to the 4th cone so multiple cars can load/unload at a time. Please have your child enter/exit through the door on the driver's side of the vehicle for safety purposes.

PTO Updates

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STEAM Update from Mr. Barrett and Mrs. Nuccio!

Grade 5 VEXCode VR

Our STEAM class is currently experiencing writing code using the VEXcode VR website. VEXcode VR lets students code a virtual robot and complete various challenges, which need to be carried out using problem solving skills. Over the course of this module, students will complete challenges with their robots such as drawing a picture, moving disks, navigating a maze, and using various sensors. Throughout this module, coding with robots will make computer science come to life with real world applications.
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Grade 4 Earth: Human Impact and Natural Disasters

Our STEAM class is currently experiencing the Project Lead the Way module, Earth: Human Impact and Natural Disasters. In this module, students learn about the relationship between humans and the environment. Students begin this module by activating knowledge about natural resources. They will learn how to reduce the impact humans have on the Environment and use the design process to create an upcycled project. Students will also investigate natural disasters and design an emergency preparedness kit to demonstrate their understanding of the challenges that natural disasters pose. At the end of the module, students will follow the design process to generate a plan to reduce the human impact on Earth or lessen the impact of natural disasters on humans.
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Grade 3 Stability and Motion: Forces and Interactions

Our STEAM class is currently experiencing the Project Lead the Way module, Stability and Motion: Forces and Interactions. In this module, students learn about simple machines such as wheel and axles, levers, inclined planes, pulleys, screws, and wedges. They will investigate the effect of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of an object. At the start of this module, we read about the fictional characters Angelina, Mylo and Suzi. These characters went on a field trip to the zoo and are faced with a design problem to rescue a trapped tiger that fell into a moat. The students will design a solution to rescue the tiger using the knowledge they acquired about simple machines at the end of the module. We are excited to hear and view the designs they create!

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Community Cookbook

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