A Hateful Day

By: Hailey Longardner


There is a kid named John who came from China. He started going to a middle school in Noblesville. Everybody in the school was making fun of him because he is a buddhist and because of what he wears and looks like. But there is one person who stands up for him and his name is Henry. Henry thinks that everybody should be treated the way they want to be treated.
Hi my name is Henry. Are you talking to me?, says John. Yes, What is your name?,says Henry. I am John I moved here from China. That is cool. Are you Buddhist?, says Henry. Yes, says John. That's why I wear what I do. Why are you talking to me and not making fun of me?, says John. I am a person that dislikes people making fun of others who are different. Hey John can you tell me about your religion. Sure what do you want to know. Everything!!!!, says Henry.

Buddhists Clothing

Buddhists wear a robe and braclets. The braclet that we wear is called a mala. It has 108 beads. Each bead represents each of your passions. There is also 3 extra beads representing the 3 Jew's of Buddhism.

Buddhist beliefs

The beliefs in Buddhism are the four noble truths,eightfold path, and the middle way.

The four noble truths are 1. Suffering 2. The cause of suffering 3. The end of suffering 4. The path to the end of suffering. The eightfold path is the principal teachings. And the middle way is the what Siddhartha Gautama used to describe the character.

Common foods to eat and to avoid

Theravada and the Mahayana schools don't eat meat or fish. They are vegans and some people from China and Vietnam don't eat onion, garlic, or leek. The Tibetan people will never eat fish. There are also people particularly in the Mahayana school, who eat meat, fish, and eggs.

Buddhists holidays

The Buddhists have a festival day to go to the local temple, they offer food and other items to the monks and they listen to dharma talk. In the afternoon they distribute food to the poor to earn merit and walking around the temple 3 times to honor the 3 Jew's, chanting and meditating.

New year (holidays)

In Theravadin countries they celebrate New Years for 3 days from the first full moon day in April. Mahayana countries, it starts on the first full moon in January and Tibetan celebrate it in March.


I wonder why people treat you so badly. Being a Buddhist sounds so hopeful and wonderful, says Henry. Every time that someone does something or says something bad to you brush it off your shoulder and don't say a word. Thank you Henry I love that I found a friend to hang out with.