Term 2 Week 0 - 21 April 2020


Dear Holy Rosary Families

As promised in yesterday’s email, I am writing to share further information received from CEWA in regards to arrangements for Term Two.

Premier Mark McGowan announced Term Two arrangements for public schools in Western Australia on Friday 17 April. The following information sets out Holy Rosary’s arrangements for Term Two, which reflects the guiding principles of Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA):

  1. The health and safety of our students and staff remain our first priority.

  2. All students will continue to be provided with a quality Catholic education.

  3. Decisions regarding school education will continue to be informed by national and state-based health and education advice, and align with the National Principles for School Education.

In line with Premier McGowan’s announcement and in consultation with CEWA, Term Two commences on Wednesday, 29 April.

Holy Rosary, like all other Catholic schools, will provide one mode of learning until Friday 22 May, with a review taking place on 18 May.


From the start of Term Two, parents and caregivers may choose to keep their children at home to engage in flexible, remote learning. As was the case in Term One, this approach particularly allows parents and caregivers who are engaged in essential services or who are required to maintain employment to send their children to school if they are unable to care for them at home.

All parents and caregivers can also choose to send their children to school, these students will engage in the same mode of learning being provided to students learning from home. As per the CEWA guidelines we will provide appropriate supervision, but not face-to-face teaching, for students attending school during this time.

These new arrangements will present our staff with some extensive challenges. Being available to 30 students who are both at home and at school is a juggling act and will require a significant amount of work each day as lessons will also need to be extensively prepared outside of school hours. Our teachers and support staff are however, very professional, motivated and enthusiastic people who only want the best for our students and families. Please be assured we will be doing our best to cater for all students in what will be a challenging period.

I have had a number of parents (From HR and some of my friends) mention that they worry about making the decision on whether or not to send their kids to school. Please be assured that we believe parents need to make that choice based on what they believe is best for their family and that there is no ‘judgement’ or ‘stigma’ attached to either decision - only you know what is best in your situation.


Parents and caregivers must advise the school office if your child will be attending school from Wednesday 29 April. To do this, please follow the link below to a short online survey. You are asked to complete it before Friday 24th April at 12pm.

This is really important to our planning and allows me a few days to look at the numbers, create timetables / policies / procedures and inform staff of what the first week will look like.

Term 2 Attendance in Weeks 1 to 3: (Please complete if your child IS ATTENDING SCHOOL)

We need this information to ensure appropriate plans are in place to comply with the Department of Health’s physical distancing advice. It also ensures that we are able to make appropriate arrangements for student supervision.

  • Medically compromised students are asked to remain at home until they receive a medical clearance to attend school. Online learning and/or work packs will be provided to these students.

  • Please note that as per the State Government directions, parents and caregivers are not permitted on school property other than to drop off or pick up their children, at which time you MUST NOT EXIT YOUR VEHICLE. Staff will be ready to collect your children at the drive through between 8.30am and 8.50am.

  • If parents and caregivers are walking their children to and from school, you are required to drop off or pick up at the side gate on Angelico St, at the temporary front office. Year 4-6 students may enter through their top gate after 8.30am.

  • If a parent needs to collect a child early (eg for a specialist appointment) they will be required to remain in the car, phone the Office and staff will bring the child to your car.

  • Assemblies, excursions, interschool activities and school-based co-curricular activities will not recommence until advice is received from the Department of Health that it is safe to do so.

  • The school will continue to ensure that environmental cleaning practices are in place, with enhanced routines where necessary.

  • Students will be required to continue with the hygiene practices put in place in Term One and will need to follow the physical distancing measures that are needed to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

  • Please do not send your child to school if they are sick. All students will be carefully monitored while at school and will need to be picked up immediately if they display any symptoms or feel unwell.

During this period, staff will continue to ensure that we support students’ learning from home, as well as those students who may be at school. We will stay in touch regularly and we also encourage parents to call the office to book a phone conversation with your child’s teacher, should you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s learning. Please be reassured that we are here to help and support you and your child/ren in whatever ways we can.

The ongoing enrolment of every child in our school is guaranteed. Parents seeking financial support are to please email the Registrar, Laurie Evans: laurie.evans@cewa.edu.au

One of the following options are immediately available to all families with children in Catholic schools:

  • The Centrelink Health Care Card Discount Scheme provides an automatic fee concession to the holders of eligible means-tested family concession cards. This discount applies to all year levels from Kindergarten to Year 12.

  • For parents and caregivers who do not qualify for the Health Care Card discount, but who are experiencing financial difficulties, arrangements can be made to provide immediate support to assist you with tuition costs.

I will keep you updated with any new information as it becomes available. In the meantime, take good care of yourselves and keep ‘digging deep’ to do all you can to keep home life as calm and happy as you can, despite the obvious challenges! We will be in touch again soon and learning plans for Week One will be emailed home next Wednesday morning, 29th April.

Thank you everyone and all the very best to you all!

Yours sincerely,

Geordie Thuijs



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Please include your child's NAME, CLASS (e.g. 5C, 6D) and REASON FOR ABSENCE in the email. admin@hrs.wa.edu.au

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