Chisholm Update

December 7, 2020

Chisholm Chargers

I read something the other day where people for sharing their disbelief that it was already the month of December. For some, they have felt like the time this past year is almost at a standstill. For others, they have felt like time is on warp speed and the days, weeks, and months blend into the next. The year 2020 will forever be known for the Covid pandemic and the impact it has had on everyone. Our school, work, and personal lives have been adjusted quite a bit from the pre-Covid days prior to last March. We've all had to adjust to wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and taking steps to stop or minimize the spread. We've had to adjust to the A/B learning model, limit parent or outside visitors into the building, and reduce or eliminate traditional school events. To say the least, this year has been challenging and unlike anything we've ever previously experienced.

I wanted to take a moment and recognize the sacrifices and adjustments everyone has made over the last 9 months. From wearing masks, adhering to social distancing guidelines, adjusting to the A/B learning model, and communicating with the office with regards to possible Covid positive/ quarantine, everyone's new normal has been altered quite a bit. We've experienced some bumps along the way and we've tried to adjust and learn from those experiences to make improvements.

As we move towards the conclusion of this first semester and the start of 2021, please continue to communicate with our office regarding Covid questions or exposures. The week of virtual instruction prior to Thanksgiving, was due in large part to not having enough substitutes to cover the teaching and support absences throughout the district. This continued communication between the home and school will help our school and district minimize Covid absences and outbreaks. It will also help us to reduce the need to utilize virtual instruction in the future.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. I hope you can find the opportunity to relax, unwind, and recharge during this very busy season. I hope that 2021 will begin to bring more normalcy to our school, home, and personal lives. Thank you again for partnering with us as we try and navigate this unique time.

Thomas Higdon

Winter Parties/ Dress Up Days

Winter Party/ Dress Up Days for the week of December 14th through December 18th

"A" Students:

Monday, Dec. 14 - Wear your Red, Green, or Holiday Clothing

Tuesday, Dec. 15 - Pajama Day - Winter Parties

"B" Students:

Thursday, Dec. 17 - Pajama Day - Winter Parties

Friday, Dec. 18 - Red, Green, or Holiday Clothing

Items delivered for winter parties can be sent with the student to school or we will have a table out front of the building before school to accept deliveries and deliver to the classrooms. Please mark the items so we know where to take them.

Congratulation Kriss Parsons - Chisholm's 2020-21 Support Staff of the Year!

Last week, schools throughout Edmond nominated individuals to represent their building as Support Staff of the Year. This is the 2nd year our district has had a formal recognition of these individuals for their outstanding contributions to each school. From our teaching assistants both in Pre K and special education to our custodial, cafeteria, lunch monitors, and office staff. Our support staff provides valuable assistance during the school day helping to make sure student needs are being met.

Although we have numerous individuals that are worthy of this recognition, there is only one individual from each building that can receive this award. The 2020-21 Support Staff of the Year for Chisholm Elementary is Kriss Parsons. Kriss has been with Chisholm since 2008 and works as a teacher assistant. Congratulation Kriss! Below is a picture of her from last Thursday when it was announced she had won.

Big picture

IXL Challenge and Tournament

Starting in November, the elementary schools throughout Edmond began competing with other schools in an IXL Tournament. IXL is a reading and math program our district has utilized this school year for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Students can log into the program either at school or home and answer questions related to concepts or skills they are working on in class. The goal of the tournament was to create excitement and engagement with students throughout our district. The IXL competition throughout the district would be looking at the number of questions answered by students at our school.

Our first opponent during the month of November was Washington Irving. We started the month with around 750,000 questions answered and we closed the month last Monday with around 950,000 questions answered. We found out today that we won our first-round match with Washington Irving, and will be competing against Frontier Elementary during the month of December.

This friendly competition and bracket is a way to garner engagement with students throughout the district. Along with the announcement we had won our first-round match, we also found out that the district of Edmond had answered 12.5 million questions this year.

Congratulations Chisholm Elementary for your efforts in getting onto the IXL program and working through the questions. Let's keep up the hard work during the month of December and beyond.

Chisholm Elementary

Office hours:

Mon -Fri from 8:00 - 4:00