Causes of the American Revolution

Why the Americans want independence

Quartering Act

Colonists were forced to house British Soldiers while they were stationed in America. The British Soldiers expected the colonists to feed, bed, and essentially take care of them in all aspects of life. The Soldiers would search the homes for items that could be smuggled or illegal. This led to war because the colonists felt that their home was violated and they couldn't even be safe in their own quarters.
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Boston Massacre

Colonists were protesting the British stationing Soldiers in Boston. The protesters were getting a little violent and throwing snowballs, rocks, and shells. According to the British they heard a shot in the crowd and then they shot. 5 colonists dead, no soldiers hurt. This severely increased tensions in-between the colonists and British because the colonists believed that the soldiers shot innocents.
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Battles of Lexington and Concord

British troops heard about a militia in a nearby town that was holding guns. They marched upon concord but before they got there, Paul Revere and William Darwes rode from Lexington to Concord to tell the people to move the guns. When British got to concord about 40 people were waiting with guns. Shots were fired but the British passed by anyways. When they got to where the guns were supposed to be they were greeted by ~700 Minute Men and no guns. This made Britain angry and increased the fighting.
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The Intolerable Acts

After the Boston Tea Party incident occurred the British shut down Boston harbor until the Massachusetts colonists paid for the ruined tea. The British also took away the rights of the Colonists. This upset the colonists because they made their living off the harbor.
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Political Cartoon

this cartoon shows how the U.K tried to control the colonies all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.
The American Revolution in 5 minutes!