World War 1


Australia and World War 1

Non-fiction 940

Gallipoli: reckless valour

In this accessible and comprehensive introduction to the fateful Gallipoli campaign, events are presented chronologically and summarised with a user friendly timeline. Besides descriptions of events, the book provides insights into Australian society and culture of the early 20th century. Written text is accompanied by archival photographs and maps, extracts from letters and newspapers, statistics and facsimiles of war posters. Many of these could be used as part of a source study, individually or as part of the whole. The book unashamedly takes the Australian perspective on the events of 1915, and as such provides a limited perspective, but is an engaging and accessible starting point for students of WWI. J. White

Non-Fiction 940

Harry and the Anzac Poppy

NF 940

Scarecros Army: the ANZACS at Gallipoli

Using fiction and nonfiction texts, this book redresses a perceived New Zealand imbalance in the ANZAC tradition. Student understanding of the issues will be broadened by the text's perspectives of the Australian, New Zealand, and Turkish roles in the campaign. Personal and historical narratives emphasise the human aspects of the struggle. The text focuses on the conditions, detailing such things as toilet use, which other texts often skirt. The suffering of the conflict is clearly described. The resource is a realistic account of people achieving extraordinary things in extreme circumstances. It has value for the Topic: Australia and World War 1 in Stage 5 History, and its primary sources, including quotations, maps, and photographs, support the Core: World War 1 1914-1919 in Modern History. B. Kervin

Non-fiction 940

The Australian Army: A Brief History

Non Fiction 355