"Occupy Wall Street"

Nikki Holmes


  • Supporters felt wealthy so wealthy others couldn't make decent living
  • Opponents felt supporters jealous & economic differences force poor to work harder
  • Obama election slightly led to (60% of people voted for him, 73% of people disliked him after)
  • Wanted banks to make more economic sameness (against huge economic differences) & more jobs
  • Started September 17, 2011- Zuccotti Park (In New York financial district)

Protest Information

  • Stayed in tents to draw attention, started small numbers
  • Numbers grew
  • Non-violent form of protest!
  • Slogan: "We are the 99%"- shows that richest 1% have all money
  • Shut down about 2 months later by New York City Police (200 violent protesters arrested
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  • Other movements in cities sparked
  • Nothing changed, but brought about further political discussion on national level
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How did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protests?

They demonstrated their beliefs non-violently for the most part. They fought for many different beliefs, but all had to do with economic differences, as proved by the video. They got their points across by not giving up or leaving until someone would address their issues. They fought for economic equality using signs and brought about protest elsewhere. Their goal was to make it known that lots of people felt this was an issue.