An Easy Why To Remember...

Remember what exactly? The 7 Articles of the Constitution!


This stands for: Larry Eats Jelly So Apple Sauce Rocks. This is a mnemonic device, a technique a person can use to help them remember something, in this case, the Seven Articles of the Constitution.


Article IV- States' Rights

This article outlines the states' relationships, how they interact with one another.

Example: If someone commits a crime in California and then escapes to Florida, Florida must obey California's laws and if the criminal is found, send them back to California where business can be taken care of.


Article V- Amendment Process

This article explains how the constitution can be amended, which means that the Constitution does not expressly provide for a deadline on the state legislatures', or state ratifying conventions' consideration of proposed amendments.


Article VI- Supremacy of the Constitution

This article declares that the constitution is the "Supreme Law of the Land."


Article VII- Ratification

This article is the final article and this is where the 9 states must Ratify the constitution for it to go into effect. June 21st, 1788 was when New Hampshire was the ninth state to ratify the constitution.