Awesome Athens, Knowledge is GREAT

Sharp minds are better than Sharp swords!!!!!

Democracy all the way

People make decisions here in Athens, rich or poor. We believe all citizens should be allowed to participate in their government. Spartans laugh at the thought of allowing 18 year old men, but actually it's better to have a variety of ages to be allowed to participate, because then we have different thoughts and ideas. We have an Assembly and the Council of 500. The Assembly is open to all citizens, and they pass the laws there and make decisions. At Sparta they only have the Assembly as well, but only males over the age of 30 could support of veto the Councils recommendations.

Interaction and Education

We care for anything that involves intellect and wit. Such as, art and education. Spartans only care for strong military, that is why they think highly of women to only make strong babies. If a baby was 'weak' it was left to die, but us Athenians will provide a future for your family. Going back to art and education, we value these things because they help us make wise decisions.


So, here at Athens we treasure everyone even non-citizen. Our non-citizens include women and our care takers. I know it sounds bad, but in Sparta they let their women run loose. They also treat their slaves worst by killing them. We allow our care takers to get a secondary job and have a wife.

Sharing is Caring

At Athens our Economy is based off of trade and tourism. Unlike spartans who conquers other city-states. Then, kills or makes some slaves after defeating them. In Athens we have a central marketplace, known as the Agora. The agora is where all the trade take's place.


To conclude, if you want to join the Greatest Greek city-state don't join Sparta. JOIN ATHENS!!!!!