A person not portrayed correctly....



Contrary to the ethnicity Tituba was in the Cruicible, she is in fact not African American. She is an Indian women. She was born in South America and taken to Barbados to be enslaved which is where The Crucible gets her Barbados ethnicity from. Tituba had a husband who also lived with Parris. Together, they had a daughter.

Slave Life in the Parris Household....

Tituba was believed to be a servant to the Parris household between the ages of 12-17. She was more of a house keeper, as Parris has Tituba's husband and a little boy as a slave.

The confession

After Betty and Abaigail came down with symptoms of witchcraft, a local Salem lady told Tituba and her husband to make a "witch's cake, to possibly come up with a solution to why the girls were suddenly stucken with illnesses. This then came and backfired in Tituba's case. The girls accused Tituba of casting a spell on them. This was the initial start to the case of Tituba being a witch.