Secondary School News

Honeoye Central School District: November 2021

A Message From Mrs. Klaehn

Dear HCS Families,

The past couple of weeks, we have seen some heightened verbal student conflict at HCS. It is my belief that one of our roles as an educational institution is to provide students with an opportunity to express their views respectfully, and to learn how to coexist with people who do not have the same views.

What I will not tolerate, however, is blatant disregard and disrespect for other people. This includes, but is not limited to, attempting to degregate others based on race, gender, sexualaity or sexual preference, ability, size, or any other category of protected class.

The staff at HCS stands behind the Code of Conduct and will fully investigate any incident that is reported, resulting in consequences when students are found to be guilty of violating that Code of Conduct.

I am asking families to take a few moments to talk to their students about treating other people with respect and not being bystanders to negative behaviors or actions. When we stand idly by, we send a message that someone else's behaviors are acceptable. This only encourages such behaviors. I have asked students to please notify an adult in the building when they witness harassment of any sort. Often times, students go home and tell their families, but we are not made aware of the situation here during the school day, when we are most equipped to take action.

In all of my years of experience at HCS, I have always considered our students to be the kindest and most thoughtful young humans out there. I think this is still the case, but I need the support of our students and families so we can send the consistent message that degrading comments and actions have no place in our school.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

In Partnership,

Addie Klaehn

Secondary Principal

Spotlight on Academics

I have had the pleasure of popping into classrooms throughout the past month, and witnessing lessons from start to finish. I am so proud of the hard work and energy put forth by our students and their teachers.

  • Our middle schoolers are learning to be exploratory scientists, making hypotheses and using evidence to support their thinking.
  • Our 11th graders are able to identify the weaknesses of the Articles of COnfederation, including the lasting impacts of those weaknesses.
  • In PE, our students are learning how to exercise for lifelong fitness, well beyond their active teenage years!
  • In their LOTE classes, our students spend some much time speaking in their target languages that I have no idea what they're even saying most of the time, but they are laughing and working together.
  • 9th graders are learning how to structure essays by analyzing models and breaking down the components and discussing the strengths that they find.

These are just a few examples of the learning that is taking place within the walls of HCS, and it is amazing!

Pivoting to Remote Instruction

As we head into the winter months, it is necessary to outline a process for what it will look like should be find ourselves having to pivot, temporarily, to remote instruction. This could happen as a result of a substitute teacher shortage for a day or two or for a few days as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

If HCS has to toggle to remote instruction, we will communicate with the community as soon as possible. I anticipate that there may be a need to have one day to transition, when students have staggered access to the building to gather materials. At the 6-12 level, all teachers are utilizing Google Classroom to some extent, which will allow for a swift transition.

Please note that I do not have any reason to believe this will be the case, but I do want to plant the seed in the event that it does occur.

Our tech department is working on renewing our hotspots so that we can offer these to families who have connectivity issues. Again, this is an unlikely event, but we certainly want to be preapared!

Mr. Feeney, HCS Therapy Dog

Last year the Board of Education approved Mr. Feeney, the K-9 companion of our K-8 counselor Evan Carrier, to begin training as the first HCS Therapy Dog. Mr. Feeney is still in training and is not ready for full contact with students yet, but throughout this year he many be on campus as he acquaints himself with the building. He will not be interacting in sessions with students until he is fully trained. Mr. Feeney is a hypoallergenic dog, and our staff adores him!

Upcoming Events

  • November 11: Veteran's Day; no school
  • November 24-26: Thanksgiving Recess; no school

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