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Making use of what's around you..

Varieties of different tools are around you, and are free - these tools include the Google packages that are all completely free to use. These include:

  1. Google Drive
  2. Google Mail
  3. Google Calendar

All of these things can help you, in one way or another in order to assist you in getting a job.

Google drive is a free to use Cloud storage system, that also houses its own Word processing, database, spreadsheet and presentation software. It's essentially competing with Microsoft Office, and it's working.

This link will give you the page needed in order to set up a Google account, after doing this you are well on your way in order to start using applications such as:

  1. Google Drive
  2. Google Calendar
  3. Google Mail

After signing up for this you can use any of the following links in order to get yourself on the applications.

These links will directly place you on the pages needed in order to ensure that you can use these applications. There is a variety of different guides that are on the pages that will introduce you to the different applications, ensuring that you understand what's going on with them.

Google Account Sign Up

This will open the page needed in order to go onto the page that shows how to sign up for a Google account.

What do they do?

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google's answer to cloud storage, this ensures that you can have any files that you need (dependent on the file size) on the go with you. This would ensure that a user could start any file that they were doing, at work and then be able to continue with the work that they were doing at home.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar can be used in order to link to your mobile phone in order to synchronize any events that you may have in order to ensure that you're up to date with anything that's going on.

This could be used in order to co-ordinate yourself, and allows for you to share any events that are coming up.

Google Mail

Google Mail is used as an e-mailing client, this ensures that you will have somewhere that you can send and receive e-mail from, free of charge. You can send multiple different file types through Google mail, it doesn't just have to be standard text e-mails. There is a place in order to put all your attachments in order to ensure that you can receive files such as application forms.