How to Solve Questions 10-15 on 7.1

By: Tyler Brown, Raymond Lesmana

Questions 1

A carpenter needs 36.4 meters of wood to complete a certain project. She has 29.75 meters on the jobsite. She calculates that she needs another 66.5 meters of wood, but realizes this is incorrect. Find the amount of wood that the carpenter need to complete the project. Then describe a mistakes that the carpenter made.

Step 1: Subtract 36.4 and 29.75

Step 2: Find the solution, which equals 6.65

Step 3: Find the mistakes the carpenter made, which equals, "The carpenter placed the decimal point in the difference incorrectly.

Question 2

Find the sum
6.4+ 37.7+0.944+8

Step 1: Add 6.4 and 37.7, which equals 44.1

Step: Then, add 44.1 and 0.944, which equals 45.044

Step 3: Last, add 45.044 and 8, which equals 53.044

Question 3

You are shopping and you spend $15.98 for a T-Shirt, $8.94 on a poster, and $6.32 on snacks at the food market. How much money did you send altogether?

Step 1: Add $15.98 and $8.94, which equals $24.92

Step 2: Add $24.92 and $6.32, which equals $31.24

Question 4

Challenge: Some friends took a road trip. They decide to stop for food after driving 57.64 miles. Later, they stop for gas after driving additional 78.5 miles. What was the total distance if they drove another 137.9 miles before reaching the final stop?

Step 1: Add 57.64 and 78.5, which equals 136.14

Step 2: Add 136.14 and 137.9, which equals 274.04

Question 5

Challenge: You volunteered to set up a water station for a marathon. The first station is 3. 56 m. form the starting point. The second station is 5.7 m. from the first station. The third station is 3.98 m. from the second station. The last station is 6 m. from the third station. What is the distance of the last station to the finish line if the marathon is 26.2 m. long?

Step 1: Add 3.56 and 5.7, which equals 9.26

Step 2: Add 9.26 and 3.98, which equals 13.24

Step 3: Subtract 26.2 and 13.24, which equals 12.96